The news that the winter flu jab may actually be completely ineffective against the most common strains of flu comes just after the pressure is piled on the NHS. Each year more and more pressure is heaped onto the NHS to combat the winter flu and prevent it with their popularly known pre-emptive jabs. So, when news came to light that these jabs do not combat the most prominent types of flu virus, it has become big news. The winter flu vaccine has been found to not actually protect against the type of flu which has caused the majority of Influenza B cases that have been reported.

The Science Behind It

England’s Public Health sector (PHE) is now warning people that the most common flu jab that is frequently given to adults will not offer full protection against the prevalent strain of flu virus. The public health body warned GPs that people can still contract the virus and become extremely ill regardless of if they have had the trivalent flu jab or not. The trivalent flu vaccine is claims to grant people immunity to the three most common types of flu virus but is now found to have little to no effect on the Influenza B strain.

However, experts are still vouching for the trivalents effectiveness against both of the two Influenza A strains it claims to protect against. One of which has been dubbed the lethal ‘Aussie flu’ which, as we all well know, has claimed the lives of many in the Republic of Ireland, therefore if the trivalent jab is recommended to you by your GP or you believe that you may be at high risk of contracting it, then it is still in your best interest to seek it out over the winter period.

What Do The Experts Say?

When confronted with questions about NHS funding, research and overall quality the Prime Minister Theresa May had the following to say “Well, we are actually putting record amounts of money into the NHS. We recognise that they wanted to ensure that plans were there for the winter pressures. That is why we put 437 million pounds extra into the NHS over this particular period. And, as I say, record amounts of funding are going into the National Health Service.” However experts have deduced that it’s not the amount of money the government is willing to offer up to the cause, but the way in which it’s being spent.

May continues to say, “There are continuing pressures over the winter period, but these have been planned for better than ever before.” Most doctors will agree that the trivalent vaccine being offered will still offer up a lot more protection that going totally without a jab and still urge people to seek out the time to take the vaccine.

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