Young Polish Doctors took the amazing steps of banding together to go on a hunger strike. Their cause was to bring awareness to what they feel is a crisis in regards to the health care system here. They are already into week five and the total of Doctors participating in this are twenty from the Warsaw Paediatric Hospital. As yet though their efforts do not seem to be reaping many benefits.

Amidst their complaints about the flawed health care system is their concerns about being overworked.

There have been some detailed studies into the Health Care services in Poland that outline the fundamentals of the policy. It is the country’s Ministry of Health that takes the lead role. The funding for this health care system is reliant on the public as well as the national and local budgets. It is indicated that the National budget has been decreasing since 1999, but the local government contributions have increased.

Those that are protesting against the health care system here in Poland state that the government only spent 4.4% of the GDP on health services. These types of figures put Poland among the lowest countries. While nothing concrete by way of immediate changes have taken place yet as a result of this there seems to be some progress being made. The government has entered into talks with the Doctors and seems prepared to meet some of their demands specifically increasing the GDP health care spending up to 6.8% by the year 2025, whereas the Doctors were asking for this to be done by 2021.

Reports showed that back in 2016 the new government of Poland was looking at revamping their health care system. Their intention was to do away with privatized health care and go more towards a system like that which is being used in the UK.

Another concern for Poland that could have a serious impact on the health care system is what the Polish government perceives as a threat of Eastern Europe, enticing the Polish Doctors to immigrate into their countries. The perceived threats appear to be valid as the UK is offering substantial incentives to Doctors not only from Poland but Lithuania and Greece.

Many different countries are finding themselves in the same situation as the UK when it comes to the shortage of physicians. Enticements like the UK are offering could have a big impact on Poland if the policy situation regarding their health care does not include meeting the needs of their health care providers.


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