Switzerland has recently been recognized has perhaps having the best public health system in the world. It has been indicated that the female life expectancy in this country is 85.3 years. In regards to the men they are deemed to live longer than any others in the world with a life expectancy of 81.3. Added to these what many consider to be impressive figures is that 12.4 of the country’s GDP was dedicated to health costs.

Countries like the US are taking a closer look at what makes Switzerland successful with their health care. The country does have a basic health insurance that is mandatory but it makes sure that the residents here are able to afford quality health care services. What the Swiss have done differently compared to a lot of countries is that they do not have one insurance scheme for a single payer. The law does state that the residents must have basic coverage that takes care of the common illnesses and coverage for the kids. Much of the health industry is privatized.

The residents have choices for who they want to choose for the health insurance coverage. The difference is that these providers are not for profit organizations.  Where they can become the most competitive is that they are allowed to sell add on insurance packages where they can then glean the profit from these.

Being as the basic insurance is mandatory it raises the question as to how those who are limited income or are financially constrained are able to afford the necessary insurance. In this cases the Government will give subsidies.

One of the reasons this health care system has been so successful is because it has remained flexible even though the basics have been mandatory. There are lots of options that are available to the Swiss people such as the type of plan they want which there are several different ones. Plus, they have the option of buying additional insurance.

Something else that stands out with the Swiss health care system is that the women automatically have maternity coverage and the services being offered in the medical system for this is exceptionally good compared to some other countries.

One of the other factors that leads to good health care in Switzerland is the opportunities that are here for those who want to become Doctors. Unlike the US or Canada where tuitions are extremely high for this profession, in Switzerland the tuition is minimal and graduates are not burdened with high student loans.

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