The latest statistics provided by at least one source are indicating that the Czech Republic is the most unhealthy region in the world. These statistics were gathered from the WHO data regarding the statistics provided by this organization. These were based on the amount of alcohol that is consumed, the amount of tobacco consumption, and the issues of obesity that the Czech Republic has to deal with. These figures were compared to 179 other countries.

This type of news traveled fast and it was soon to be refuted by some experts who felt that the statistics being provided were not as accurate as they should be or at the very least miscalculated. The basis for the argument against these statistics is that the study was done using WHO data and done by a company that is not in the business of being a research or a survey firm. Then added to this was the comparison of other findings where a news agency Bloomberg came to a different conclusion about the health status of the Czech Republic. These findings ranked the Czech Republic in the top 20%.

Alcohol Consumption

In 2011 a WHO study placed the Czech Republic in the second position worldwide for the consumption of alcohol. Part of the figures indicated that a little less than 16.5 liters of alcohol in its pure form was consumed by each Czech individual over the age of fifteen. What has to be noted about these findings is that they were reached depending on data that dated back to 2005. Now bringing this up today’s date this would be twelve years later. However, as of 2015 the concerns and figures were still negatively affecting the Czech Republic.

Tobacco Consumption

Recent statistics don’t put the Czech Republic at the top of the list worldwide for tobacco consumption but they are not too far below it. One study shows that this county is at 21.2%.


When it comes to obesity the Czech Republic also seems to be dealing with this health problem. Looking back to 2010 research indications than were that 23% of the adults in this country were considered to be overweight. Predictions made by the WHO are not showing much hope for this changing. They are showing that most likely by 2025 that 2/3rds of the adults will either be carrying too much weight or will be considered to be obese.

All three of these health issues are not uncommon problems to many other countries but are strong indicators that the Czech Republic health care policy will have to deal with them.

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